Tempered glass, the strong and safety glass, is widely used in construction. Its performance of anti-impact, anti-bending and anti-temperature difference is 3 to 5 times than the ordinary glass, it becomes small round pieces when broken. Thus people will not get hurt. This type of glass is intended for glass facades, sliding doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures and other uses requiring superior strength and safety properties.
We processed both heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass using the computerized Landglass furnace. We have 3 tempering glass production lines, capable of producing 3,000,000 square meters of tempered glass per year.

Fully-Tempered Glass:
1、About four times stronger than normal float glass of same thickness
2、Better resistance to thermally induced stress
3、Typically breaks into classic tiny piece pattern
4、Occasionally can experience spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusion.

Heat-Strengthened Glass:
1、About two times stronger than normal float glass of same thickness
2、Good resistance to thermal loads than normal float glass
3、Typically breaks into larger pieces
4 、Less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass Product Specification;

Max. Size: 3050mm 〜8400mm Min. size: 200mm〜300mm

Glass Type Thickness
Clear 2.8mm!25mm
Tinted 3mm!12mm
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