Reflective glass is coated one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film on the surface in order to change the glass's optical properties and meet some specific requirements.
According to the different characteristics, it can divide into the following categories: Heat-reflective glass, Low-E glass, electric film glass and so on.
Heat-reflective glass is usually coated one or multi layers, such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metal or its compounds of the composition film on the surface. So the products will show in abundant colors. There is a suitable transmissivity for visible light; high reflectivity for infrared ray; high absorption rate for the UV. So it also called sunlight control glass. It is normally used in building and glass curtain wall.
Low-E glass is coated multi film, which is sliver, copper or tin or other metal or its compounds. It is normally used in building, car, ship and other means of transport. Due to the poor strength film, it will produce it by hollow glass for using.
electric film glass is coat a indium oxide tin or other conductivity film layers, which can be used for heating, defrost, demist and used for liquid crystal display, etc.
Heat-reflective coating glass is made of magnetism control sputter method, which coat one or more layers nanometer metal or metal compounds film on high-quality float glass. The film main functions are control the sun direct radiation and engender different vision effect & thermo optic properties.
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