Laminated glass is a combination of PVB interlayer in between the two pieces of glass. It is fabricated under high pressure and high temperature. The viscosity of PVB is excellent. When laminated glass breaks, PVB is able to absorb impact. Laminated glass is resistant to impact penetration. Even it breaks it stays in shape with integrity. It is a real "safety glass". The appearance and installation of clear laminated glass is similar to our ordinary glass.However, laminated glass is more
durable and versatile. Laminated glass is widely used in windows, curtain wall, skylight, sky bridges, furniture, kitchen, sales counter and aquarium and etc.

Product Features:
1 、Safety
When laminated glass breaks, it stays in shape, keep glass integrity. The glass fragments will not splash and harm the people around.
2 、Typhoon & Earthquake Resistant
When impact or force occurs, glass stays and will not break into pieces instantly.
3 、Anti-bullet Glass
using multi-laminated technology to ensure strong impact resistance to gun and violence. So far, our Anti-bullet Glass have been installed more than 1,000 banks in the south of China.
4. Anti-UV
PVB carries additive for filtering UV penetration. It will help to better protect property, furniture and valuable antique.
5. Sound Protection
PVB is able to absorb sound wave, subsequently create a quiet and tranquil environment.

Product Specification
1, Max Size: 3000mm x 8000mm
Curved laminated glass subjected to the radius required.
2, PVB thickness is from 0.38mm to 3.04mm
PVB color: clear, milky white, light grey and customized color.
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