Insulated Glass is a multi-glass combination consisting of two or more panes enclosing a hermetically-sealed air spacer filled with molecule absorbent. We has an insulated glass production line with yearly output of 600,00 Owith advanced processed technology and high quality material .We provide customers with good quality of products.
Product Features
1、 Thermal Performance: Lower U-value (heat conductivity), effect can be enhanced by filling Argon in the air spacer.
2、 Optical performance: flexible to select various light transmittance & solar reflection rate as per the needs.
3、 Sound Insulation: General IGU can reduce 30db, if IGU filling with Argon another 5db can be reduced.
4、 Dew point resistance: less than - 65 ≧, better than Chinese National Standard of - 40 ≧ for IGU dew point.
5、 Sealing : Aluminum frame is formed at one time, Butyl sealant and structural sealant or polysulfide sealant double sealing ensures a good sealing of IGU.

Products Specification
Max. Size: 2450mmx3150mm   
Min. Size: 300mmx300mm
Thickness: 12mm-40mm
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