Bullet proof glass is made of laminated glasses and films which have special shielding capability towards bullets. The different levels of bullet proof glasses are able to shield the bullets from penetration and prevent the broken parts from injuring people. They are widely applied in bank, counters of jewelry and gold shops, cash trucks and other regions requiring special safety prevention.
The special glass is made by more than two high-quality float glass with PVB film and processing with a special high-level of safety glass.
Have good transparency, high mechanical strength, anti-UV, heat insulation, sound insulation, and other characteristics of a bullet-proof. In line with its bullet-proof performance
UL752 and GA165-1997 standard.

Product performance characteristics
1, with the super toughness, impact resistance, super-pressure-resistant, highly bullet-proof, anti-explosive results
2, can effectively prevent, stop, slow down theft, robbery, unlawful invasion and other criminal acts.
3, product transparency, and good optical properties.

Bullet-proof glass structure
Bullet-proof glass generally divided into the following three-tier structure:
1. Bearing layer: the impact of the first to bear the breakdown, the general thickness of large, high-strength glass, can destroy warheads or warhead to change shape, it lost the ability to move forward.
2. Interlayer: general use of organic materials glue, bonding power, lightfastness, and can absorb some impact can change the direction of bullets.
3. Security layer: This layer of high-strength glass or transparent high-strength organic materials, have better flexibility and toughness, can absorb most of impact energy, and to ensure that bullets can not pass through this layer
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