Three-Way Catalytic Converter for Motorcycles


Our company's three-way catalytic converter for motorcycle, exhaust gas purification rate has reached the Euro III emission standard, and through strict durability test, vehicle dynamic economy loss < 3%. catalystic converter substrate mainly be made by metallic honeycomb substrate, it is available in a variety of designs. High strength composite sbustrate + large specific surface area activated coating and noble metal active ingredients, can effectively reduce the values of motorcycle exhaust emission of CO, HC and NOX, matching with the vehicle the catalyst has good catalytic activity and durability and reaches Euro III emission standards, fullfil the requirements of EPA and E - Mark certification etc.


Catalytic converter is coated with rare earth element and noble metals of PT, Pd, Rh;
Catalysts cause virtually no exhast backpressure;
Excellent coating fastness, durability and stability of the catalystic performance;
Light off more quickly thanks to their low heat capacity;
The catalysts are welded to the complete exhaust system for easy installation and require no additional mounting;
The catalysts can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and cross-sections for each specifc application;

AGM making sure that customers benefit from low emissions and low system costs for powertrain development takes more than optimising the combustion process in the engine and the efficiency of the exhaust gas aftertreatment!
Mantle, mm Matrix, mm Density, CPSI Material of mantle Material of Matrix
Round Metallic Substrate
30x22 28x20 100/200/300/400 441 Fe Cr Al
35x20 33x20 100/200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø35 x 70/100/130 Ø33 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø42 x 70/100/130 Ø40 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø45 x 70/100/130 Ø43 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø63.5 x 85/100/130  Ø60.5 x 74.5/90/120 200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø73 x 70/100/130 L Ø70 x 60/90/120 200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø93 x 70/100/130 Ø90 x 60/90/120 200/300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø420 x 100/130 Ø416 x 90/120 300/400 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Ø100.3 x 100/130 Ø98.3 x 90/120 600 444/441 Fe Cr Al
Oval Metallic Substrate
123x63x 85 120x60 x 75 200/300 304/441 Fe Cr Al
123x63)x 100 120x60 x 90 200/300 304/441 Fe Cr Al
78.5x52x104 76.5x50x90 200/300 304/441 Fe Cr Al
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