At AGM we take exhaust design very seriously, you as the costumer a no compromise product, and we therefore take a no compromise approach to design and manufacture. Our mission statement is to outperform everything, to out-sound everything. To develop exhausts that not only outperform every other company, but also sound better, and look at home in an art gallery. To achieve this we have developed a unique approach to exhaust design. The design team consists of an engineer, fluid dynamcist, a physicist, and an artist. At AGM we don't believe in gimmickry, or over complex design solutions, we take things back to basics and offer the best solution in as simple format as is possible, we don't believe in unnecessary valves, or over complex matrix of pipes, these things are only used to covering up poorly conceived design, simple effective design is everything.

Here at AGM, all our systems are simply designed to perfection, the result is a system that is quiet under regular driving, but howls when you want it under hard load and high revs. All our system from street level up to competitive race level have a unique sound , even our sponsored race team is constantly being asked why their car sounds so much better than their rivals, the answer is because its a AGM! In fact we are so confident of your satisfaction, that we guarantee it!

Through a combination of innovative product engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, AGM is able to meet customer demands for advanced product solutions for a multitude of markets. Our capabilities in exhaust and emission product development, and production are extensive. AGM through the years has been a leader in original designs that has changed the industry. From our unique muffler designs to our Catalytic Converters, AGM has enabled it’s customer to lead the market with robust products that solve difficult exhaust system problems.

New developments in rapid prototyping and the use of SolidWorks computer-aided design systems that are integrated with CMM coordinate-measuring machines for precise dimensional measuring, and CNC pipe benders have increased our speed to market with new parts. Use of such tools facilitates precise engineering designs and allows for flexible and rapid adjustments. Our constant search for process improvements is an ongoing challenge that never stops at AGM.

Innovation is not limited to just product design. Just as important is the manufacturing process used to make our parts, and at AGM we strive to achieve maximum efficiencies in all of our production processes.



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