Diesel Engine Catalytic Series

1, Carborundum Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)
SiC-based Diesel Particulate Filter£¨DPF£©
SiC-based Diesel Particulate Filter is a high-tech product. It is mainly used to produce new generation of diesel clean & emission system to fulfill the carbon particulate cleaning target of the European ¢ô, European ¢õstandards
Working principle for SiC-based Diesel Particulate Filter: It can reduce 96.5% carbon particulates emission by holding up the carbon particulates in tail gas of diesel at first, then clear up carbon particulates by means of electric heat, fuel burner etc., finally to meet carbon particulate emission standards.
Diesel Particulate Filter adopts structure of honeycomb. It sets up independent opening and blocking up passages in both ends and the waste gas enters from one open end, then goes through the porous beehive wall, and finally discharges from adjoining passage. The carbon particulates are left over on passage wall because they are too big to pass through wall hole and won’t be discharged to air.
2, Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)  
Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter£¨DPF£©
Cordierite Diesel particulate filter adopt cordierite as its material. Its main compositions are SiO2¡¢AL2O3 and MgO. Diesel particulate filter is also called Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The main composition of tail gas discharge from diesel is carbon particulates. Diesel particulate filter is a setting to reduce emission granule by filtrating which is set in exhaust system in diesel. Its efficiency for carbon particulates filtration is more than 90%. Part of dissoluble organic composition (SOF) (especially high boiling point) may be trapped.
The filtration material researched and used in China at present is of three types: ceramic, metallic and composite based. The common types are ceramic based (cordierite or silicon carbide) and metallic based (stainless steel wire mesh) diesel particulate filter.
Working principle of particulate filter: Plugging up two ends of porous beehive ceramic in turns to filtrate PM by ceramic wall.
Regeneration of filter: Burn the particulates by rising the gas temperature in filter to filtrate PM which piled in the filter so as to guarantee the function of filter. The character of particulates in exhaust gas of diesel relates to concentration of oxygen. It will burn in temperature of 550-650¡æ.
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