Three-Way Catalyst For Car

The ceramic substrate is made of cordierite, and it is used for car catalytic converter. The cells
density can be 100 cpsi, 300 cpsi, 400 cpsi or 600 cpsi. The BHLJape will be round, oval or
racetrack. We can supply both ceramic element coated with noble metals of Pt, Pd, Rh and ceramic
element without noble metals.


The basic material is ceramic(MgO2, AL2O3SiO2). The aim is to offer inert physical structure for carrying catalyst coating. In order to make a biggest catalytic coating in a lesser volume, we make the surface of the substrate alveolate.


There is a loose layer in the surface of substrate which is mainly made of metal oxides γ-AL2O3. As a very rough surface, the actual wall area has increased about 7000 times, which greatly increase the activated surface and the capacity of oxygen storage of the car/ motorcycle three-way catalyst. Assistant catalyst which contains Zr, Ce and other elements and the main catalyst which contains Rh, Pd, Pt and other precious metals are coated in the external activated surface.

Operating Principle
When the exhaust is passing through the exhaust pipe, CO, HC, and Nox ---the three types of gas are passing through the clarifier of the reactor in the three-way Catalytic Converter, the activity of the gas would be enhanced, they would be under an oxidation and deoxidization reaction. Under such a high temperature, the CO would be oxidated into a gas without color and poison--CO2; the HC compound would be turned into H2O and CO2; and the Nox would be deoxidated into Nitrogen.The three nocuous gases would be turned into the non-harmful gas to purify the exhaust.
Good characteristics  
Using honeycomb cermics carrier that has many advantages,such as low cost, stong adhesive and active ingredient, long life etc; adopting late-model of rare earths(material Zirconium and Titanium) to advance the heat resistance and activity of catalyst; introducing transitional metal,alkaline earth metal and active material of little precious metal that has plenty of excellences,such as high purification rate,and low burning temperature etc; making use of new-style of oxygen storing stuff that reduces the burning temperature of catalyst and complete transformation. The catalytic converter applied and produced by this technique has past the test of Janghai national exhaust gas test center and Tianjin university burning internal-combustion engine lab,the result indicates:using the cat that catalyst that can make the emission standard reach European IV and meet the technique requirements of the converter product demands. the special exhaust gas catalytic converter for CNG engine is composed of two parts:honeycomb ceramics catalyst and metal mantle. the exhaust gas pass through the catalyst of honeycomb ceramics, the active ingredient of catalyst(mosltly are metal oxide of rare earths,precious metal and transitional metal) is able to carry out the catalysed reaction fully under the temperature condition of 200 -300 above converting the harmful element such as CO,HC,NOx etc. to innocuous water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, A key technique is the core of this program is the exhaust gas decontamination technique of CNG engine, which belongs to three-way decontamination catalyst technique, and is the main means of dealing with exhaust gas of CNG.
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