LPG/CNG Fuel Catalytic Converter For Vessel


Ship engines (LPG/CNG fuel ) catalytic converter it can be designed according to a variety of vessel size , and treat with CO, HC, CH4 and NOx of engin. Where the CO oxidation at high temperature into a colorless , non-toxic carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. HC, CH4 compound in the high temperature oxidation to water (H2O) and CO2. NOx is reduced to nitrogen gas.Three kinds of harmful gases into harmless gases, the exhaust will be purified to meet the International Maritime purify exhaust emission standards , applicable to all types of gas ship engines

The ship (LPG/CNG) catalytic components:

A substrate :

a ceramic honeycomb or metal honeycomb body

Catalyst carrier :

rare earth oxide storage materials, high temperature , high surface area material
Auxiliary aids
Active component

The Features of LPG/CNG/LPG catalytic converter for Vessel :

high purification rate, long operating life, low ignition temperature , flexible design and easy installation.

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